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Optimize product diversity with product mining
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Product Mining

Discover the hidden potential in your product landscape with our revolutionary product mining approach. We identify invisible product interdependencies that impact your margins and provide strategic insights to turn them to your advantage.

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Our intelligent SaaS platform provides you with a clear view and controlled navigation through the "structure jungle" of your product portfolio. From discovering complexity to evaluating and increasing the effectiveness of your products, the MYNR app is your guide.

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Individual challenges call for individual solutions. Our experts work closely with you to create tailor-made solutions that are firmly integrated into your company. This allows you to exploit the full potential of your data and turn it into measurable success.

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For faster, better decisions.

Data-based insights into your Product Portfolio 


More clarity. Less ambiguity.

Complexity is not seen as an obstacle, but as an opportunity for optimization. A data-driven language and a central data source promote efficient, fast, and effective management of product complexity.

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Effective management of product complexity.

MYNR provides insights into the interconnectedness and complexity of your product portfolio - fully data-driven. This enables the proactive identification and addressing of risks as well as decisive insights for the strategic alignment and optimization of the product portfolio.

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Why MYNR? 

full transparency

Gain complete insight into your product portfolio and use our expertise and tools for strategic alignment and optimization.

data-based decisions

Make clear decisions with data analytics. Turn data into long-term success strategies for your company.

increased efficiency

Improve your operational performance and sustainability. Eliminate inefficient product variants and increase your cost efficiency.

maximal scalability

Our powerful platform adapts seamlessly and dynamically to analyze even extensive new product families efficiently and accurately.


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